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Book Project

My objective is to produce an illustrated book geared towards the academic community but also available to the general public. Hopefully, there will be a German as well as an English publication.

The basis or impetus of the project is the fascination with the appearance of the composer Ludwig van Beethoven. He is one of the three most biographed historical figures. However, he is the only historical figure for which there are entire books, let alone countless articles, studies, etc. devoted exclusively to his appearance. This phenomenon began during his lifetime and continues to the present.

What I have undertaken to do is to reconstruct him, literally, based upon the measurements of his long bones and skull ( his body was exhumed twice and his long bones and skull were measured ). I am creating illustrations by, first, building his skeleton to scale and then "fleshing" him out. Using my artistic skills and experience with human anatomical study, I hope to get as close as possible to a recreation of him and perhaps shed some light on why his physical appearance was/is so fascinating.

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