My work reflects what I see, feel, hear, dream — emotionally, physically, metaphysically. I believe that the creative process is a combination of listening, curiosity, observation, skill and reflection while being very personal and unique to each artist. The process can be deeply spiritual. I subscribe to the notion that the artist is a vessel and that the process of creation results from allowing creative elements or “forces” to flow or channel into and through the vessel resulting in a work of art. Listening while being open–minded and open–hearted combined with the knowledge of materials, skill and discipline will ideally coalesce into a complete work.

As a trained sculptor, I find that the three–dimensionality of the finished work is limiting, possibly even constrictive. The two–dimensional spatial illusion I can create with graphic media (graphites, colored pencils, wax, etc.) by building up layers and embedded text emulates the three–dimensional and exceeds it by venturing into those realms in which we don’t consciously participate but suspect may exist.

I have tremendous respect for creative process and I strive to be an honest servant of the Muses.