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Curriculum Vitae


It is apparent that there are significant gaps in my exhibition record. This is because I had two rather catastrophic events: a fire which destroyed my home, studio, work, materials and all records of exhibitions, sales, and locations of work, etc. The second was a life altering injury. While I have recovered from the trauma of the fire and learned to live with the results of the injury, there was a significant period of time in which I was not able to actively work. It has taken time to build a new body of work that I feel is strong. I am now at a point where the work meets my standards of quality and I have enough confidence in it to begin showing again.

I have reconstructed my exhibition history et al. to the best of my memory. It is not complete but too much time has passed for me to give an accurate accounting.

  • Minnesota School of Computer Imaging Richfield, MN 2002 Associates Degree, Graphic Design/Multimedia
  • Northern Illinois University (NIU) DeKalb, IL 1978 Bachelor of Studio Arts, Sculpture Emphasis
  • Salzburg College Salzburg, Austria 1977 Student of Yoshi Takahashi; completed apprenticeships in art
    and music
  • 2001 A Space Minneapolis, MN 2010
  • Main Street Studios Galesburg IL 1981
  • F & M Bank Gallery Galesburg IL 1981
  • Sylvia White Juried Exhibition: Flow Art Space | St. Paul 2015
  • Untitled 10: Juried Exhibition SooVAC | Minneapolis 2014
  • Me, Myself, and Eye Juried Exhibition | Flow Art Space | St. Paul 2013
  • Art Takes Times Square Digital Exhibition in Times Square | New York 2012
  • Windsor Whitney Biennial Project 2012 Juried Online Exhibition | Spattered Columns | New York 2012
  • The Art of Music Juried Exhibition | Flow Art Space | Minneapolis 2012
  • The Original Show Juried Exhibition | Flow Art Space | Minneapolis 2011
  • Fear Itself Altered Esthetics | Minneapolis 2011
  • Untitled 8: Juried Exhibition SooVAC | Minneapolis 2011
  • Finalist: The Power of Self Artists Wanted | Online competition 2011
  • Arts of the Community II Intermedia Arts | Minneapolis 2011
  • A Foot in the Door 2010 Minneapolis Institute of Arts 2010
  • A Foot in the Door 2000 Minneapolis Institute of Arts 2000
  • Staff Show Minneapolis Institute of Arts 1986
  • Main Street Studios Galesburg IL 1980
  • Senior Show, NIU DeKalb IL 1978
  • Die K├╝nstlerhaus Salzburg Austria 1977
  • Gallerie SC Salzburg Austria 1977

Minneapolis, MN | Los Angeles, CA | Moline, IL | St. Paul, MN | Santa Fe, NM | DeKalb, IL | Duluth, MN | Raleigh, NC | Avon, IL | Chicago, IL | St. Petersburg, FL | Galesburg, IL | Saarbrücken, Germany | Salzburg, Austria | Rome, Italy | L’Ablis, France

  • Flanders Minneapolis, MN
  • St. Charles Fine Arts St. Charles, IL
  • Civic Art Center Galesburg, IL
  • Award of Recognition issued by Sylvia White; juried group show at Flow Art Space, 2015
  • Naked Composer Series: Bartók published in Art Takes Times Square coffee table book, 2013
  • Founding member Main Street Studios Artists Cooperative Galesburg, IL
  • Designed and executed mural for Faith Baptist Church Galesburg, IL
  • Designed and executed mural for George Churchill Middle School Galesburg, IL
  • Taught sculpture workshop as visiting artist at Knox College Galesburg, IL
  • Dominique Prévot L’Ablis, France 2009
    Position: Graphic Design
    Duties: Layout, design, and execution of book cover design.
  • Xylos Gallery Minneapolis, MN 2007 — 2010
    Position: Web site management
    Duties: Processing new images for website, managing information/client updates.
  • Association Beethoven France (ABF) Paris, France 2003 — ongoing
    Position: Illustrator, Graphic and Layout Designer
    Duties: Original art for "The Journal of the ABF"; logo design; panel designs for exhibitions; audio CD package design with original art.
  • Terra Foundation for the Arts Chicago, IL 2004 — 2005
    Position: Web Designer (sub–contracted by Sandbox Studios, Minneapolis, MN)
    Duties: Construction of website; creation of interactive graphics; page layout and editing; worked in concert with site developer, coordinator and Terra staff.
  • Stoner/Hatton Mobiles Osage City, KS 2004
    Position: Photo Manipulator
    Duties: Remove images of mobiles from extant photos and place them into "created" interior photos for sample displays; photo–manipulation
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